Africa Trip Giveaway

ONE lucky winner will be awarded a FREE trip to Africa. Hosted by filmmaker TA Opre, the winner will travel to the Lower Luano Valley for five days and six nights to witness the incredible work the community of the Kingdom of Shikabeta in association with Makasa Safaris is accomplishing. The trip includes international coach airfare, airport transfers, lodging, and meals, plus your host TA Opre. He will take you to the places he filmed the award-winning documentary film Killing the Shepherd.  You will meet the chief and many of those featured in the film. You will also tour the Kapunda Fish Farm, bush schools built with assistence from African Children's Schools and go on patrol with game scouts. Most importantly, we will go on various game viewing drives which will help you understand how the efforts of the community and Makasa Safaris has created conditions where wildlife are flourishing. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.




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