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We're media storytellers on a mission to produce world-class educational materials showcasing the importance of being good stewards of the environment and the wildlife that lives in it.


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Tom Opre

Founder & Filmmaker

A film director, cinematographer, television producer, and wildlife conservationist, Tom Opre has made educating the public on wildlife conservation and stewardships issues a main priority. As the past president of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), he has worked to help other outdoor communicators and industry leaders understand and present a unified message regarding the top issues facing wildlife conservation today.


Since 1990, Opre has produced and/or directed national television commercial projects for Fortune 500 companies, feature films, and episodic television including wildlife projects for Discovery Channel and PBS. In 2015, he wrapped a seven year prime-time run on NBC Sports producing the highest rated, award-winning television show in the outdoor field sports genre, 


Today, he serves on the non-profit boards for African Children’s Schools and Shepherds of Wildlife Society™.


Tony Bynum


Tony Bynum is a photographer and conservationist. Tony has produced images used on over 300 magazine and books covers. Hundreds of his images are seen annually in national advertisements, annual reports, books covers, art galleries, and dozens of outdoor publications. 


He has traveled the world shooting images for some of the biggest brands in the outdoor space. As a conservationist, Tony regularly works with nonprofit organizations, collaborates on documentaries and speaks around the country on conservation, photography and the business of photography. Tony is a past-president of the Professional Outdoor Median Association (POMA).

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Quinn Kloppers


Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1979, from an early age he was introduced to life in the outdoors. For the latter part of his youth, he spent growing up on a 60,000 acre cattle and game ranch in southeastern Zimbabwe, which cultivated a lifelong love and passion for wildlife and nature. 

In 2000, Quinn started his guiding career in Zimbabwe’s various national parks and private reserves. He decided to pick up a camera to capture and share his interactions with the African wildlife, people and  surroundings he encounters every day. 

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Mike Fell


Mike Fell is a photographer specializing in African wildlife and conservation related issues. As a wildlife fanatic, safari guide, and conservationist with 21 years of experience in the field, Mike believes that photography and story telling are key components of conservation. With a deep respect and understanding for African wildlife, his work explores its diversity and emphasizes the impact of human activity on wildlife in his home continent of Africa.

Mike's primary business is establishing safari operations in wildlife areas outside of national parks. He is involved in large-scale conservation and community initiatives in East, Central and West Africa. Mike is committed to supporting the Governments of these countries in their endeavors to protect the fauna and flora for future generations. His anti-poaching efforts throughout the year are extensive. These efforts include funding transport, providing fuel and manpower and training security teams for regular anti-poaching exercises over these huge desolate areas.

Mike's passion provides him incredible access to wildlife and often takes him to remote destinations. This regularly puts him in situations where he is up close and personal with wild animals and that is why his photos often arouse feelings of intimacy with the creatures he depicts.

Action is needed to preserve our natural world. Mike's hope is that his photographs will inspire people to join the cause to help stop senseless destruction of the environment and the animals that inhabit it.