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Introducing: The Last Keeper

After the successful release of the film Killing the Shepherd, Director Tom Opre is completing work on the next film in the Killing the Shepherd series - titled The Last Keeper - and its focus is the great land of Scotland. 

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In Scotland, where picturesque landscapes mask a different reality, the historic port of Greenock on the River Clyde stands as a relic of industrial prowess. The central belt of Scotland, now home to 70% of Scots, evolved from a hub of factories and mills to a political powerhouse, overshadowing the traditional Highland way of life.


Today, a fierce battle over land use rages, juxtaposing preservationists, politicians, and activists against rural communities and landowners. Central to this conflict are the sporting estates, vital for the rural economy through recreational hunting, now caught in the crossfire of policy decisions. This battle, reminiscent of class warfare and the struggle for control over land and legacy, highlights the contrasts within Scotland's borders, reflecting deep-seated class divisions and a fight for control, ultimately underscores the complex, contrasting realities of Scotland. The future of biodiversity, habitat conservation, and age-old traditions hinges on this pivotal clash, echoing a powerful call for decisive action across the glens.

Arriving June 2024

Check out the latest update on the making of The Last Keeper behind the scenes, with the Director Tom Opre and Music Composer Paul Mounsey, as they discuss the magic of bringing the soundtrack for the film alive.

Film Festival Updates

The award-winning film, The Last Keeper, has won awards from different film festivals across the world. Click on one of the images to learn more.

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