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Introducing: The Last Keeper

After the successful release of the film Killing the Shepherd, Director Tom Opre has begun work on the next film in the Killing the Shepherd series - titled The Last Keeper - and its focus is the great land of Scotland. 

Scotland, replete with heather-covered hills, moorlands, and majestic mountains, finds itself, its people, and wildlife at a crossroads. Scotland has seen generations of war, but today the war is different. Gone are the swords and muskets replaced by government policies pushed by groups staffed by Scotland's urban elite. It's now a war for control. It's a war where wildlife biodiversity and habitat conservation may be a thing of the past. 

Conflict abounds as competing interests vie for control of the landscape. This film is character-driven, exploring a disappearing way of life based on hunting/shooting and the associated conservation role. It’s a film that brings in the romance and uniqueness of rural Scottish landscapes, practices, and communities pitted against those who work to change
a way of life.

Scotland Gallery

The Last Keeper film will only capture half of the amazing scenes and imagery of Scotland. Each month, we'll post new photos to highlight a different aspect of the film with candid stills taken on filming trips by Shepherds Fellow Tony Bynum and film director Tom Opre. Scroll to witness the sites that Scotland offers.

For June, we feature the wildlife and animals of Scotland.

Coming Fall 2023

Hear a brief update from Director Tom Opre as he wraps up filming in Scotland.

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