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Killing the Shepherd™

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Make a generous contribution today to Shepherds of Wildlife Society in support of Killing the Shepherd™ film, and we will send you a FREE DVD of the full-length documentary to share with friends and family!


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We'll also send you a FREE COPY of our new e-photo book, Killing the Shepherd: Behind the Scenes.

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T. A. Opre’s hard-hitting, revealing but also, at times, deeply worrying documentary Killing the Shepherd is a major and effective step towards providing the other side of the story – the side of the people and communities most directly affected by living with spectacular but also dangerous and destructive wildlife.

-Africa Sustainable Conservation News

It’s a must-see for anyone interested in wildlife conservation.

-Prof. Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire, BBC Presenter

Receive your FREE DVD and E-Book as well as a free membership with Shepherds of Wildlife Society.

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  • Doctors Without Borders Film Festival - Best of Festival Social Issues

  • ScopiusFest - Best Feature Director

  • European Cinematography Awards 

  • Depth of Field International Film Festival - Award Winner Cinematography

  • Something Wicked FilmFest - Best Feature Documentary & Best Editing Feature Documentary

  • Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - Culture Perspective Award

  • Golden State Film Festival (CA) - Grand Prize Best Feature Documentary

  • Terres Travel Film Festival  (Spain) - Preservation of the Planet Award

  • African Film Festival - Best Cinematography 

  • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (NYC) - Best Humans & Nature Documentary 

  • WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival - Platinum Remi Award - Best Documentary Feature

  • Golden Gate (CA) International Film Festival - Best Feature Documentary 

  • Impact Documentary Awards - Award of Excellence - Cinematography & Feature Documentary 

  • Västerås International Film Festival (Sweden) - Best Feature Documentary

  • Cannes World Film Festival - Best Indigenous Film & Best Cinematography

  • Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards - Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Toronto Independent Film Festival - Best Human Rights Film

  • Wallachia International Film Festival (Bucharest) -  Best Cinematography

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