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Support The Last Keeper

The Shepherds of Wildlife Society is hosting a funding drive to help to promote the new film, "The Last Keeper" to the USA audience via theater screenings and a digital cinema event in late June 2024.  The reception of this film in Scotland and the U.K. has been monumental and we are sending our team over to the UK for a screening at the Scottish Parliament with politicians and government ministers on June 4, 2024.

For a short time, anyone who makes a donation will receive a link to the digital film and the companion e-book (available later this summer). 


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Text WILD to +1 (844) 386-0572 to receive the latest updates on film previews in the U.S.A.

Check out the latest update on the making of The Last Keeper behind the scenes, with the Director Tom Opre and Music Composer Paul Mounsey, as they discuss the magic of bringing the soundtrack for the film alive.

Film Festival Updates

The award-winning film, The Last Keeper, has won awards from different film festivals across the world. Click on one of the images to learn more.

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