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Watch "The Last Keeper" Today


Our Initiatives

  • Indigenous filmmaking.

  • Scientific research.

  • Rural woman’s empowerment (jobs, soft loans & education funding).

  • Anti-poaching programs.

  • Education (films in schools, legislative/political education, natural history museum partnerships, social media campaigns). 

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Our Store

Visit our store to purchase products such as handmade bracelets crafted by Soli tribe members from snare wire; or order a book or audio book that details behinds the scenes experience of the 'Killing the Shepherd' film.  All purchases continue to fund our initiatives. 


Our Mission

The Shepherds of Wildlife Society™ was formed to reconnect our society with nature, to make the abstract real, and to preserve and protect wildlife and its habitat for generations to come through the development of educational and motivational materials that support habitat sustainability and management of wildlife through established wise-use principles of active conservation, sustainable utilization and hunting.

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You can help.

There are at least three ways you can support us in our mission of educating the public about the need for modern wildlife conservation:

Watch our videos, share our content, and support our efforts!

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Who We Are

Every Shepherds of Wildlife Fellow demonstrates a deep commitment to modern wildlife conservation practices through their unique storytelling talents.

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As creators of powerful public-influencing visual media, we're in a unique position to produce educational materials that have worldwide influence and impact.

Killing the Shepherd™ is our most recent mainstream film project telling the story of the positive relationship animals and indigenous communities share. Told from the point of view of the Soli people of Zambia, this film has won major awards in film festivals around the world.

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Killing the Shepherd™

"A must see for anyone interested in wildlife conservation."
- Professor Adam Hart, Univ. of Gloucester & BBC presenter


Stay up-to-date on the latest efforts of Shepherds of Wildlife Society to educate the public about the importance of modern wildlife conservation practices through educational videos and mainstream films.

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