Mission Statement


The Shepherds of Wildlife Society™ Inc., an international 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, is formed for the purpose of developing educational and motivational materials to support wildlife protection and habitat sustainability.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to attract, engage and support leading outdoor filmmakers and photographers in the planning, development, and use of high-impact educational and motivational materials for hunters, teachers, children, politicians and other decision-makers, and for the general public advocating wildlife protection and habitat sustainability.




To support and increase public awareness of the value of wildlife and habitat protection.


To develop high-impact educational and motivational films for maximum exposure to target audiences.


To share high-quality materials with individuals, organizations, and groups that educate and advocate wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

Objectives for 2019


Produce and distribute a film documenting the social and economic benefits of wildlife and environmental conservation efforts in a village in Zambia; to educate and motivate other communities to see the value of such efforts.


Produce and distribute at least one Enhanced eBook or VR (virtual reality) presentation for urban children to help them experience wildlife habitats and develop in them a desire to preserve and protect both for their own future and the future of their children.


To continue to educate and advocate environmentally responsible principles and practices for hunters. 


To collect and make available outstanding photos and videos from leading outdoor photographers, videographers and filmmakers that can be used by teachers, publishers, bloggers and other advocates of wildlife and environmental preservation royalty-free.


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